Liffey First Cascade

The first cascade at Liffey Reserve. Very peaceful place, I love it there.

Liffey Second Cascade

The second cascade at Liffey. I think. Whatever it's called, it's very close to the one shown above. Only a car length or so.

Liffey Falls

The main falls at Liffey! Yes, there are other falls in the state. Liffey is so shucky-darn good I figured it deserved the first three spots.

Montezuma Falls - Base

The very last segment of Montezuma Falls, about 10Km from Rosebury on the West Coast. An 1890 mineral survey showed the falls as Osbourne Falls. Montezuma was the last Aztec emperor of Mexico, but in this case it was also the Montezuma Silver Mining Company. It was formed in 1891, and the Falls seemed to be renamed when they started mining on the northern slopes of Mt. Dundas.

Montezuma Falls

A wider shot of Montezuma Falls. It's hard to do the falls justice, they're 104 metres high and the water just seems to come from nowhere!

Montezuma Falls - Centre

The central section of Montezuma Falls. After rain, you can't get close to it without getting soaked.

Guide Falls and Spout

Guide Falls, Just south of Ridgeley in Tasmania's North-West. This shot shows both the upper cascade and the lower "spout". Note the rock formations, hard volcanic rock that's formed long hexagonal columns. Where it's been slowly worn smooth, you can see the beehive-like pattern.

Guide Falls

Guide Falls, upper cascade. The river flows over a row of volcanic columns, forming a neat line.

Guide Falls - Base

Wonderful close-up of the base of Guide Falls, time-lapsed.

Lower Lilydale Falls

Lilydale Falls, lower section. Moss and lichen everywhere you look! Very little bare rock is left.

Upper Lilydale Falls

Lilydale Falls, upper section. A nice close-up of the water flowing over the moss. Much of the flow is so steady it looks like icicles.

Lilydale Falls - Drought

The same Lilydale falls as above, but on a bright brighter day during a drought. Much less flow, but it looks beautiful in the sunlight.