Pacific Fair

Pacific Fair shopping centre, on the Gold Coast. Sprawling is the word for this place. Plenty of natural light, which I found to be a pleasant change from the usual boxed-in norm.


The city of Hobart, Tasmania's capital. Just visible on the right is the Tasman bridge, which experience has shown works best if you don't drive ships into it. Mount wellington looms over the city from the left, or at least it would if the picture extended further. I'll add a picture of it at a later stage.

South Launceston

South Launceston, showing the southern tip the Tamar Valley. Mountain bikes are the only ones worth owning when you live around slopes like this.

Wrest Point

Wrest Point Hotel Casino. Australia's first casino, built in 1973 on the bank of the Derwent River. The tower has become a significant landmark.

Derwent River

The view from Wrest Point toward the city centre, past a series of moorings on the Derwent.

Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington, looming over the suburbs of Hobart. A very clear day, when it's not capped with snow or shrouded with clouds. The rocket which looks so prominent in this shot is the local television and radio transmitter. Why television needs concrete rockets these days is beyond me, but it does look kind of cool.

Hobart from Mount Wellington

At the summit of Mount Wellington, looking down over centre of Hobart. Constitution Dock is nested amongst the large buildings on the left, while Wrest Point casino sits on the bank of the Derwent River toward the right. The city skirts around the surrounding hills, forming a strip along the river bank. The zoning ensures the view of tree-covered hills is retained throughout the city.

North Hobart

Still from Mount Wellington, North Hobart continuing to stretch along the banks of the Derwent.

Shrine of Rememberance

A long shot of Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance. A memorial for all Australians who served in war, loosely based on the design of the ancient Mausoleum of Maussollos.

Closer shot of the Shrine

A closer shot of the Shrine, better conveying the immense size of the building.

St Kilda Road

View from the front steps, looking up the northernmost section of St Kilda Road into the heart of Melbourne.

Shrine Interior

Inside the shrine, with sunlight pouring down. The figures in the relief panels are life-size.

Tomb Raider!

A large section of the shrine is underground. Moving through corridors and stairs like this one feels disconcertingly like playing Tomb Raider. I didn't see any tigers or dog-sized spiders though.