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Between my bouts of writing, I've been known to grab a camera and dash off into some remote corner of Tasmania to take pictures. Tasmania (Tassie to us locals) is an amazingly beautiful place, and to share it around I've made some of my piccies available here in sizes suitable for use as desktop wallpaper. The smallest size is 1280x1024, and there are also some widescreen images in 1680x1050.

To set an image as your wallpaper:

See? It's easy! Fun for the whole tribe!

The images are organised by category. Check out the menu for the various sections, and click whichever takes your fancy.


Most of the pictures here have been taken with my Canon Powershot G3. It's an old faithful, that for sure. It has served me well, and is still going strong.

More recently I've also been using a Powershot G12. It's much faster and has a far better screen, but lens is not as bright as the G3. I really should get a digital SLR, but I keep finding better things to spend my money on. Like steak and chips with mushroom sauce!

Tripods are indispensable for rainforest photography, especially waterfall shots in deep valleys. I use a Velbon CX560 for that. It's kind of big for a compact camera, but the extra height and stability are too useful to do without.