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Female Adoring Fan

When you become Arena Grand Champion, an Adoring Fan appears who appears to be based on Syndrome from "The Incredibles". He's not the most useful or endearing character, and many players have taken to trying to kill him off in numerous inventive ways.

My mod introduces a female Adoring Fan who performs the same function as the normal Adoring Fan, but with better looks, less annoying dialog, and useful extra features!

It is possible to tell Female Adoring Fan to go to sleep, which can be very handy for players infected with vampirism. You can also access Female Adoring Fan's inventory, and dress her in whatever clothing and armor - or lack of - that you see fit.

Version History:
Female Adoring Fan V.6 Fixed an intermittent inventory reset bug.
Female Adoring Fan is now unkillable! Instead of dying and respawning, she will merely fall unconscious for a time. Be sure to read the .txt file if upgrading from an older version.
Female Adoring Fan V.5 Fixed an inventory bloating bug in Easy Companion Share.
Female Adoring Fan can now sneak, swim, and survive long falls.
Female Adoring Fan V.4 Added ability to tell Female Adoring Fan to go to sleep.
Added ability to access Female Adoring Fan's inventory, and change her clothing.
Fixed bug that bloated Adoring Fan's inventory.
Cleaned up the ESP file.
Female Adoring Fan V.3 Fixed bug that prevented the player from joining Arena faction, and fixed a script bug which falsely claimed "Quitting without making changes". Download_V3
Female Adoring Fan V.2 A female version of the Adoring Fan from the Arena.
Includes three versions: Breton, Imperial, and skimpily-clad Fashion Model. Now also includes a script to switch between versions.
Female Adoring Fan V.1 Still available if you want it, the older version which has only the Breton and Fashion Model versions. Download_V1

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