Guidance Fault

About The Story

Kiranda Schaef inherited her blue hair from her mother, but the military augmentation of her body has a less pleasant origin.

She’s only working for Colonel Collins because he said lives depend on it. He didn’t mention hers was one of them. Nor did he say anything about the stolen superweapons, the kidnapped scientist, or the possibility of full scale war.

Through the spies, deception and betrayal, she must find enough truth to survive.

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Authors Notes

Guidance Fault is one of three completed novels set in a starfaring future. If you like an entertainingly fast pace, action/adventure, cyberpunk elements or espionage thrillers, you'll find something to enjoy even if you don't normally read Science Fiction. It's set in the same Confederation universe as The Ranboen Contract, with all-new characters.

You can get Guidance Fault in downloadable electronic formats, or as a US Trade size (6" x 9") paperback on quality 60 weight paper. That size is increasingly common, being the smallest size US book stores will carry. It's the same as half of a US letter sheet, which keeps costs down.

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