2019 Blog

East Coast

Ah, good to get to the Bay of Fires and walk on the squeaky white sand every summer. Another year, another little cowrie shell to add to my wooden sake box at home. Sake box you say? Yep, it makes an effective little container, when not filled with sake.

The crop of PS4 games this Christmas were not impressive. I expected much from Red Dead Redemption 2, given how much I enjoyed the excellent story and gameplay of the first game. Unfortunately it became one of a very small number of games gave up on well before finishing. Good thing I can trade them in! Bad design and bad story, don't waste your time or money.

Fortunately, I was not suckered into wasting money on Fallout 76, despite having bought every other Fallout game over many years, including even Fallout Tactics. The online-only aspect warned me away very nicely. Saddening to see the Fallout name on such a pile of moneygrubbing rubbish.

Just Cause 4 is tiding me over for now. Nothing special, but as good as the previous versions. I look forward to Cyberpunk 2077 and very much look forward to The Outer Worlds, however far off they are.